Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Trailer or RV

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Trailer or RV

Buying an RV or travel trailer can be an exciting time for any individual or family. These recreational vehicles are purchased for camping at the lake or traveling around the country. It is always important to know what you will do with it before deciding to buy an RV or travel trailer. There are also five mistakes to avoid when buying a trailer or RV:

1. Not sticking with a budget
Creating budgets is essential in personal finances. Making an RV or travel trailer purchase is no exception. Buyers who are not sticking with a budget are making a big mistake. Include accessories in the budget like RV covers. RVs can vastly range in price. Buyers should always review their money matters, create a budget, and stick to it. Don’t get awestruck by the shiny new high-end motorhomes. Likewise, finding a used camper for sale may or may not be a good idea. Using a budget to guide the purchase helps to avoid costly mistakes.

2. Not considering interest rates or taxes
If there is one thing buyers forget about when shopping for an RV or travel trailer, it is interest rates and taxes. There is no avoiding these two budget busters. Like any vehicle purchase, there will be taxes on the purchase price. When financing a vehicle, interest rates will affect the monthly payment. Not considering interest rates or taxes is a big mistake and should always be written into the budget plan.

3. Going too small
After setting a budget, the next mistake buyers make is going too small. For the sake of saving money, buyers may only look at rigs that are “mini” or “pods.” Buying small means that storage space is limited, and so is sleeping capacity. Buyers should understand this before settling on a little rig built for singles or couples.

4. Forgetting tow weight
Forgetting tow weight is number four of the five mistakes to avoid when buying a trailer or RV. For the sake of the engine and frame of the vehicle and to not void the warranty, stay under the tow weight, whether it is a travel trailer or RV. Travelers who purchase an RV and want to tow a car have a lot of math to do. Once the RV is filled with personal belongings, the tow weight is affected. The same is valid for pick-up trucks towing a travel trailer. Always follow the manufacturer’s suggestions to avoid this common mistake.

5. Buying an RV in the wrong condition
Buyers make the mistake of buying an RV in the wrong condition. It is easy to get caught up watching videos of couples who have restored old motorhomes. This trend is not for everyone. Buying in the wrong condition could throw the budget out the window and create a project that sits in the garage and never gets finished. Buying a used camper for sale without ever knowing its history could also be a big mistake. Don’t fall into this trap.

There are many reasons to buy travel trailers and RVs. They are a fun purchase that creates a lifetime of memories. However, take note of the five mistakes to avoid when buying a trailer or RV so that those memories are unforgettable and fun, not disastrous and expensive.