5 Tasty Sauces Every Home Cook Should Use

5 Tasty Sauces Every Home Cook Should Use

Sauces and marinades are a great way to help heighten the flavor of any dish. They allow you the ability to cook a traditional meal with a new sauce that completely changes the dish. Adding sauce to a meal that you love can make the dish even more enjoyable. Once you have the recipe and learn how to make it, sauces are an easy and functional way to change up your nightly meal options.

Here are some of the most popular and most delicious sauces that everyone needs to try:

1. Keto-friendly hot sauce
One of the most popular diets today is the ketogenic diet. This diet focuses on low carbs and high proteins. If you are trying to take on the keto diet you will likely eat a large amount of meat. If you enjoy meat, but need additional flavors to accompany the protein you will likely want to try a keto-friendly hot sauce. Most hot sauces are already keto friendly because they are not made with a lot of sugar. There are hundreds of recipes for hot sauces and you should find one that is low in sugar to help fit yoru ketogenic lifestyle.

2. Caribbean hot sauce
Caribbean hot sauce is made from a variety of chili peppers found in the Caribbean. They are added to salt, vinegar, garlic, mustard and a few other ingredients to make a truly spicy and delicious sauce. This hot sauce is most commonly enjoyed with chicken dishes, but can be enjoyed in many other ways as well. It can help boost your metabolism and give you the taste you have been craving.

3. Barbecue meat sauce marinade
Some of the main ingredients found in a barbeque meat sauce marinade include brown sugar, steak sauce, hot sauce, curry powder, red pepper, vinegar, ketchup, garlic and chili powder. These ingredients can change depending on the ingredients and flavors that you prefer. This marinade is a great way to enhance the flavors of the meat you want to cook. If you are planning a cookout and are cooking ribs, steaks, or chicken you may highly want to consider marinating these foods for a few hours before cooking them to give your guests the best meal they have ever had.

4. Lemon pepper barbecue seasoning
A popular seasoning that you can purchase or make on your own is a lemon pepper salt. One of the best ways to enjoy this seasoning is on ribs. Many people opt to rub their ribs in a lemon pepper barbeque seasoning to help freshen and elevate the taste. Lemon has a unique flavor that will enhance any dish.

5. Chimichurri
A traditional chimichurri sauce is made with red wine vinegar, olive oil, and cilantro. This sauce is great for your health because it is filled with calcium, carotenes, iron, and vitamins. It also includes fiber, iron, and anti-inflammatory properties. If you are looking for a sauce that not only tastes good but has health benefits this is it.

6. Béchamel
Another great sauce is a Béchamel sauce, or white sauce. This sauce is great over top of a steak or on a pasta dish. This sauce is one of the more complicated sauces to make so you should try out the other ones first before taking on this advanced sauce.