8 Ideas for Christmas Decorating

8 Ideas for Christmas Decorating

Christmas time is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. It includes all the things that make life wonderful; family, fun, presents, and brilliant Christmas decorations. There are so many options when decorating your home for the holidays, and the entire family can be part of the decorating, making it a tradition and bonding experience.
No matter if you wish to stay traditional white Christmas or go rustic holidays, here are a few Christmas decorations that should be tops on your list:

1. Personalized Christmas stockings
Christmas stockings hanging over a fireplace will pull any family room together during the holidays. There was a time where the traditional white and red stocking was your only option, but these days you can get a number of different types of Christmas stockings. Those out there with children can get stockings that have their kid’s favorite cartoon characters on them. You can even get the big kid in the family a stocking that has their favorite football team logo on it. It is also common to have your names stitched into your stocking to personalize them.

2. LED Christmas string lights
LED Christmas string lights have earned their popularity among many who are energy usage conscious. They are durable and long-lasting. They’re also low maintenance. LED lights do not get hot to the touch. They are also safer. The cost of purchase is higher but will make up for it in the end with lower energy bills.

3. Artificial Christmas trees
A vital piece of Christmas decorating for many households is having an artificial Christmas tree. They’re low maintenance. Take it out of the box, put it together, decorate, and it is beautiful. No watering or clean up from a real tree. You can get artificial trees in different colors and even get them with lights already installed. You can also get these trees in different sizes as well, making it easier to accommodate whatever space you have.

4. Door wreaths
A beautiful Christmas wreath placed upon your front door is so welcoming to any guests you may have. These can have lights and ornaments or snowmen on them. The options are limitless. Find a Christmas door wreath that shows your holiday cheer to anyone passing by.

5. Dancing Santa
Any dancing Santa will be a fun sight. Children adore walking by animated Santas. They have definitely been the cause of lots of baby laughs. The animated Santas come in different sizes. You can even get a life-sized animated Santa!

6. Personalized tree ornaments
Ornaments are not just solid color balls anymore. They come in different materials and different sizes. You can get personalized Christmas ornaments that have your name, a wedding date, a pet’s name, or a child’s birth information on them. You can memorialize a loved one on Christmas ornaments too.

7. Garland
It’s typically made of greenery such as pine. You can stay basic with just the garland or you can spruce it up with lights or ornaments of its own. You can wrap it around the Christmas tree. The mantle is also a great decorative point to place as well.

8. Festive candles
Festive candles with sweet scents wrap a decorated room in delectable holiday smells; like gingerbread, pine, mulled cider and so much more. There’s nothing like sitting down with a book with the scent of the holidays filling the room.