Eco-Green Lawn Care Tips

Eco-Green Lawn Care Tips

Horticulturalists will gladly tell you about the wonders of a well-maintained lawn. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also result in less chances for all sorts of insects and reptiles to hide among weeds. There’s nothing like the calmness and satisfaction that an even, freshly mowed and watered lawn gives us. But while lawn maintenance appears effortless, it’s actually quite a challenge. What’s even more of a challenge is to do so without negatively contributing to the ecosystem. There are many ways to keep the surroundings clean and green while giving the best to your lawn and garden and here are a few eco-green lawn care tips for the same.

Use biopesticides
One of the most common pesticides used in today’s world is DDT. Although it works well against insects and pests, it is very harmful to the animals and birds that come in contact with it. Research has shown that it affects the reproductive capability in animals and birds.
Biopesticides, on the other hand, have innate properties that have contributed to their sudden growth in popularity. These products control insect infestation very well without having adverse effects on non-targeted species.

Mulch and compost
There are two beneficial things you can do after mowing your lawn — mulching and composting.
To mulch, you just need to purchase a mulching blade for less than fifteen dollars which can be installed in your lawnmower. This process can be done while you’re mowing your lawn a sit saves you time and energy. The grass clippings provide a lot of fertilization to the soil and control erosion. Composting is to recycle organic material such as grass to spread back onto the soil and act as a fertilizer. This process greatly benefits the plant as well as the environment.

Avoid irrigation the usual way
Irrigating your lawn doesn’t have a positive effect on the environment as it consumes a lot of the water resources. According to NASA, a lawn requires way more water than any other crop in the United States. An eco-green lawn care tip is to use rainwater. While it’s close to impossible for rainfall to completely suffice for the irrigation of the lawn, there are ways to use rainwater even when it isn’t raining. You can store excess rainwater when it is raining and save it for later. You can use it later when it isn’t pouring rain. You can directly water your lawn or use an electric pump to do so.

No-mow lawns
Mowing the lawn can be taxing and high maintenance in the middle of summer. On the other hand, allowing your grass to grow extremely tall can take a toll on its health and well-being. Weeds can sprout and damage the grass and your garden may appear to be abandoned with uneven grass untidily lying around. An alternative that you can consider is to go for no-mow lawns. Thyme, lavender, etc are low-level groundcovers that offer beauty without much maintenance. It also saves up on water resources. You can even consider hardscaping as it requires zero maintenance and looking after.

Use these eco-friendly green lawn care tips to ensure your garden is green, beautiful, and does not harm the environment in any way.