Common Eyeliner Mistakes to Avoid

Common Eyeliner Mistakes to Avoid

The eyeliner is one of the must-haves as far as cosmetic items go. A basic most girls start out with, it can instantly transform any look and adds the perfect amount of pizzazz according to the style it has been applied in. However, it still remains the hardest when it comes to application. Unlike products such as the foundation or blush-on which can be built on slowly, you get just one chance with an eyeliner unless you’re ready with ar arsenal of wet wipes. To avoid having to spoil the full face of makeup you have on, you can read some professional eyeliner hacks for everyday makeup that can teach you game-changing eyeliner tricks.

There is a variety of types of eyeliners such as a pencil, gel, or liquid and each has a distinct style of application. The toughest one to use is the liquid liner but with all types, there are certain common mistakes you must avoid. Luckily, the following list helps you with just that.

Professional eyeliner hacks for everyday to avoid common mistakes

  • You must never pull or tug the eyelids when applying this cosmetic product. You may think that pulling the skin will make it smooth and taut but it will bounce back when you release it, and this spoils the look by creating bumpiness and making the makeup look blotchy. Instead, you should try and use the fingers for anchoring it.
  • You should be careful about the eyeliner formula you are using. The gel and liquid ones give a dramatic effect alright but you will not get much time for blending it into your eyeshadow if you so desire. Thus, if you have a shaky hand or are new to eye makeup, you should ideally use a pencil eyeliner.
  • Do not try to use a liquid liner using a brush applicator different from the one given in the tube. Some come with a felt-tipped applicator while others have a brush. If you’re new to the world of eye makeup, first experiment with multiple types of applicators in order to see which suits you best. This may be a time-consuming task, but it is necessary if you want to apply the product smoothly every time.
  • You should never line the lower lash line only as that makes your eyes look unbalanced. The look tends to drag down the eyes and makes it look bottom-heavy. In fact, it will get completely messy if you are in the habit of rubbing your eyes too often. It is best to restrict the eyeliner to the top lash line for a youthful effect. In case you really want to line the lower lashes, choose a shade lighter than the top one.
  • Professional eyeliner hacks for everyday will tell you to not close the eye when drawing a cat-eye. The problem occurs when you cannot see the shape you’re drawing, causing it to become wonky and unequal on both sides. It is best to keep your eyes open so that you can see the point at which the crease falls.
  • Ideally, avoid a black eyeliner for the waterline as it will make your eyes look smaller. It is best to choose softer colors like bronze, gray, or taupe.
  • While no one has the time to follow all the steps for a proper winged eyeliner application, it is worth it if you know that you will be photographed. You should ideally tilt the head back to get a better view of the eyelids. Then, first draw the wings and then connect the line to them by drawing outwards. Once you are satisfied with the outline, fill it in.