Nail Polish Trends for Date Night

Nail Polish Trends for Date Night

Dolling up is fun on any occasion but more so when it for a special reason like a date. While everyone already focuses on their outfit, hairstyle, and makeup, having cutesy nails to match the mood of the date can make it all the more fun. Here are some date night-inspired nail looks you can opt for!

Hearts are a very obvious motif when it comes to anything romantic and you can use them in a subtle way if you’re going on a picnic date or something similar. A heart pattern handpainted on in shimmery polish or stickers in a glossy finish are extremely cute and fun to sport. If you are artistic and love intricate nail art, you could add the heart shape to a French manicure with the tip of the nail being painted with a heart shape instead of a curve or a line. To make it pop more you could use red or pink as the tip color. Those who like French moon manicures could paint a heart shape instead of a moon at the nail base. For those who like the dot trend, paint your nails in your favorite color and instead of a dot right in the middle of the nail place a heart there. Heart-shaped cutout on the nail tips is a beautiful option among different types of nail polish trends to suit the occasion.

Pick bright colors
If you tend to usually opt for reds and pinks but want to be more creative with them this time, you could try a fade effect on your nails. The colors could fade from red to pink and then cream on the nail tip to base or vice versa. You could also add a glittery or shimmery topcoat to tie the entire look together. If this is too much work for you, just paint each nail a varying shade from a gradient kit so that when viewed together the five nails have a gradient effect. You can also use non-traditional colors and go for a yellow or purple ombre-effect. If orange is your color of choice, mix it with whites and creams and opt for a marble effect.

Mix it up
If you just cannot choose between the different types of nail polish trends, colors, and finishes that attract you, just go for an abstract look. Mix and match nails are fun and a great solution for the indecisive. Either mix all the colors and patterns together to create modern art or do each nail differently for a unique result.

Glitter and shimmer
pecial occasions always call for a little sparkle to be added. While most polishes come with a matte or glitter option, you can also opt for a clear topcoat that has glitter or shimmer in it. Holographic topcoats have a multicolor shimmery finish that matches your mood when on the date. You can also use a subtle amount of glitter as an accent to add drama to the story you will be narrating later on. Keep in mind that the best nail look for a date is one that looks pretty and also is easy to manage.