Eyeshadow Application Hacks that Don’t Need Brushes

Eyeshadow Application Hacks that Don’t Need Brushes

Beauty experts always talk about how choosing the right tools is important for creating the perfect look. But does this mean it is impossible or next to impossible if you cannot invest in great brushes? Luckily, the answer is no. It is possible to apply eyeshadow without the exact brushes, even though application may not be as precise or easy. You can choose either a sponge applicator or the pads of your fingers for this purpose.

Read on to know what beans are spilled on various brushless eyeshadow application hacks for every eye shape.

Eyeshadow application hacks for every eye shape with your fingers

  • Dab the primer with your fingertips
    You want to start by using a primer so that you can easily apply the eyeshadow without any difficulty. This can be easily done by putting a small amount of the product on your eyelids and then once it is dabbed gently all over the eye, apply a little bit of pressure to spread it evenly.
  • Opt for cream eyeshadows
    The second of the eyeshadow application hacks for every eye shape is to use cream eyeshadows. These apply much easier and can glide with more ease with your fingers. Choose a light eyeshadow shade and then take a small amount on to your finger. Build gradually instead of applying too much at once.
  • Pat the other shade
    When you use two colors, the depth it creates helps your eyes stand out more and they look extremely attractive. You can add the darker eyeshadow shade to a third of your eyelid, which should be on the outer side. You can simply pat and blend it in after this.
  • Highlighter
    Using a highlighter might not be something that you may want to do. However, it can be helpful to make your eyes look more dazzling. You can take a bit of highlighter and then put them in the inner corners of your eyes and apply a bit below your eyebrows. These will bring attention to those areas and life your entire face.

Eyeshadow application hacks for every eye shape with sponge applicators

  • Use the primer
    You must prime your eyes first as this is one of the most important eyeshadow application hacks for every eye shape. Once you’ve wet the applicator, gently squirt some primer onto it and dab it onto your eyes and push it in. You can get the corners with your fingers
  • Pick the correct side of the applicator
    There are usually two ends of the sponge applicator. You can use the larger one and then put the eyeshadow on your eyelid. You can apply a light or mid-tone shade with this applicator. If you want high pigmentation then you can just press the eyeshadow onto your eyelids. For more precision and then blending, you can use the smaller end.
  • Crease
    You want to choose a darker shade than the one you chose first and can use the same sponge applicator if you haven’t used the smaller side yet. Starting from the corner of your eyes, apply the eyeshadow so that it reaches the crease. Then, blend it in with your fingers.
  • Line and highlight
    You want to make good use of the applicator. Using the other smaller side of the sponge, you can take a darker shade and carefully line your eyes. After you are done, you can consider highlighting your eyes to make them pop.