Healthy Dog Food Tips for Picky Eaters

Healthy Dog Food Tips for Picky Eaters

Dogs have very distinctive personalities. While you have dogs who will eat just about anything, you also have those who are extremely fussy about food. If your dog has always been picky about food, do check with the vet for issues anyway. A dog that has had a normal appetite and that has suddenly become fussy about food should be taken to the vet as soon as possible. Any sudden change in food habits could be a signal of an underlying health issue. If your dog is still a puppy, go to the vet immediately. There are healthy dog food tips to help a dog who is just plain fussy and prevent malnourishment in the process.

No Snacks
You might keep feeding your dog scraps from your own food or treats throughout the day. Naturally, when faced with a constant stream of snacks and treats, your dog will start turning his/her nose up at boring regular dog food. So, if your dog is picky, try to stop spoiling his/her appetite with snacks that are for human consumption or dog treats that are empty calories.

Healthy Toppings
Try tempting your fussy pet with healthy extras that will make their food more tempting. Some meat or chicken broth added to their meals adds nutrition and makes the food smell and taste more tempting.

It is argued that dogs are picky because they are by nature designed to be carnivores that eat meat off the bone. Grain-based commercial dog food cannot replicate this. It is important that dogs be fed meat on the bone. Adding any kind of meat is one of the basic healthy dog food tips. Fat in reasonable quantities is good.

If your dog is not getting enough bones as part of their diet it is possible that he/she may have a calcium deficiency. Adequate calcium supplementation is essential to prevent this.

Dogs need the right flora in their digestive system for optimum digestion. If your dog is fussy because of digestive issues he/she may need probiotic supplementation. Digestive troubles might present with either fresh or processed foods. Consult with your vet for healthy dog food tips on probiotic supplements that are best suited to your dog. There are supplements available that have both probiotics as well as vitamins.

Check the Food
Sometimes your dog might go off food because of issues with the food. Check the food to see if there are any problems or spoilage. If your dog doesn’t like sweet vegetables, try other vegetables to identify the tastes that he/she prefers. Experiment with a change between the balance of wet vs dry food to see which suits your dog’s tastes better. Some dog owners have had success with mixing warm water into dry food or mixing wet and dry foods.

Real vs Flavored
Dogs know the real thing from the artificial. Read the fine print on your dog food to see how much of the meat content is real and how much artificial flavoring is added.

Don’t Get Stressed
A dog can sense your worry. Try to make mealtimes pleasant without hovering too much.