Sunglasses Shopping Tips for Every Face Shape

Sunglasses Shopping Tips for Every Face Shape

Sunglasses can be one of more rewarding accessories when it comes to comfort, but there can be a myriad of small differentiating factors when it comes to getting the best fitting and top sunglasses for men and women. Frame material and coatings are important, and then a lot of this has to do with the shape of the wearers face. A key to finding a great pair of sunglasses is to first determine which of the five basic face shapes that yours most closely resembles. understanding that practically no one is a perfect fit.

Find a flattering pair of luxury brand sunglasses according to your face shape in these ways:

  1. Aviator sunglasses for round faces

When it comes to classic Ray Ban polarized sunglasses, the aviators have a storied history. Usually there is a thin metal frame with a double or triple bridge (so-called ″bullet hole″) and bayonet earpieces or flexible cable temples that hook behind the ears. With round faces, the cheeks can often be full and the chin is rounded with a decreased number of angles. Round faces have to add angles and so bold, angular glasses with clean lines are good selections.

  1. Wayfarer sunglasses for oblong faces

Wayfarers are popular with celebrities of all face types, and as such they inherently look great on oblong faces as well with that face type having numerous good choices. Long and narrow with few angles, an oblong face works good with oversized sunglasses. Also, larger wayfarer or rectangular lenses and sunglasses with thick frames add width to a narrower face.

  1. Square framed sunglasses for heart-shaped faces

Many will agree that of the various face types this is the more versatile variation, but square frames with bottom-heavy frames may add more width to an otherwise narrow chin region. A width that is slightly wider than the forehead is good for balance, and frames with detailing along the bottom look great in general with this type.

  1. Cat eye sunglasses for triangular faces

Unique, even edgy cat eye frames with rounded-out edges can divert attention from excessively angular features. There are some good Oakley sunglasses that will do that. D-frames and aviators are also good secondary selections for those wanting to stay looking good with their triangular shape.

  1. Retro round or teardrop glasses for oval faces

Those with oval faces will want to emphasize the natural balance of the face and add angles to its soft curves. Be sure to choose a shape that compliments your personal style and then adjust texture and color for diversification.