Vacation Planning Tips with Pets

Vacation Planning Tips with Pets

A lot of people have started traveling with their pets nowadays, and this trend has led to a rise in the popularity of pet-friendly hotels. In fact, several hotels have started welcoming pets to keep up with the trend. Vacationing with pets can be a fun experience not just for you but also for your furry companion. At the same time, pet-friendly hotels tend to follow a strict set of rules, and it is important for you to know them if you want to travel with your pet.

Whether you’re planning to head to the mountains or to the beach, it is essential to inquire about the pet policies in the hotel you choose to prevent any last-minute hassles during your stay. A happy pet companion can make your trip a memorable one, while an agitated pet can ruin the trip. Here are 3 tips to follow when booking a hotel for pet-friendly travel:

Carry your pet’s vaccination records
For safety reasons, a lot of pet-friendly hotels ask guests traveling with pets to share their vaccination records. Carrying your pet’s vaccination records is one of the best tips for pet-friendly hotel travel. Whether you have a cat or dog, keep their vaccination record handy. This is also very helpful if they fall sick on the trip. Check with the hotel management and carry any other required documents as well. Also, several airlines require travelers to show vaccination records for the pet nowadays, so keep that in mind.

Request for a room on the ground floor
At the time of booking, request the hotel management for a room on the ground floor as scaling the stairs or even going up or down in an elevator with your furry companion may prove to be quite challenging. Pets tend to display erratic behavior at unknown places or closed spaces like an elevator. They might also get aggressive or difficult to manage if left alone, so avoid that as well. Also, this could disturb the other guests, so choose a room on the ground floor for a quiet and comfortable trip for both you and your pet.

Check the essentials the hotel offers
A lot of pet-friendly hotels offer a variety of amenities for pets like water bowls and pet beds, but the amenities offered may vary from hotel to hotel. While luxurious pet-friendly hotels may offer a myriad of pet amenities, a lot of budget-friendly properties may not do the same. Arriving at your hotel without the pet essentials can prove to be troublesome for you if the hotel does not provide them either. To prevent this, it is best to contact the hotel and find out the amenities they offer for pets. Also, if your pet has certain special requirements, it is best to keep the hotel informed.

The above-mentioned tips are some of the best ones to follow for pet-friendly hotel travel. Being fully aware of the pet policies is important, so just follow these tips while booking a hotel room for a vacation with your furry companion and enjoy a relaxing experience.