Top 5 Home Hair Removal Treatments

Top 5 Home Hair Removal Treatments

Salons offer a range of body removal treatments but it is possible to use most effective home hair removal treatments with equally good results. Home treatments were what women have been using for centuries before there were salons. It is interesting to note that most effective home hair removal treatments are not as modern as we think and have been used by generations of women since ancient times.

Pumice Stone
Though the pumice stone is more popular for being used as an exfoliator it is also used to remove unwanted hair. The pores of the stone when rubbed in a circular motion over the skin catch the hair and tug them out. It is a perfectly natural hair removal treatment to try at home and leaves your skin both hairless and fresh looking.

It is a very popular hair removal treatment that is not too harsh on the skin and is quite easy for one to do at home. The method of sugaring that they used is very similar to that used today. A mixture of sugar, water, and lemon juice is heated and then cooled to form a sticky mass. When performing a sugaring hair removal, the sugaring mixture is worked between one’s palms and kneaded to become warmer and soft. It is then applied to the skin and pulled away taking the hair with it. This treatment is popular because it is very easy to do and far less painful than waxing. It only tugs at the hair, unlike waxing that is harsher on the skin. It does not use any cloth strips. The sugar mixture can be made in a larger batch and stored for future use.

Turmeric is a spice that has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that have made it invaluable in traditional medicine. It clears the complexion and inhibits hair growth over time. It is also thought to loosen the hair follicles and make them easier to pull out. The modern application of turmeric with baking soda is one of the most effective home hair removal treatments. A mixture of one part of turmeric is mixed with two parts of baking soda. A paste is formed with the addition of water and it is applied to the skin. When it dries it is removed by rubbing in a circular motion by hand or with a dry cloth. This pulls the hair out. Wash well to remove the yellow turmeric stain on the skin.

This treatment method involves running a twisted tread along the skin in such a way that the hair gets entangled in the thread twists and gets pulled out. It is used in the facial region more than the other parts of the body. This method is quite popular especially for shaping eyebrows.

Egg Whites
Egg whites tend to dry into a thin film. This makes them a good ingredient for hair removal. A mixture is made of egg white, cornflour, and sugar. This is then applied in a thin layer to the skin and allowed to dry. The dry mask is peeled off taking the hair with it and also exfoliating the skin in the process.

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