Key Accessories For Any Outfit

Key Accessories For Any Outfit

Most people view outfits as something completed by just the person and the clothing, but every good outfit ever requires so much more than those two things. Accessories don’t just add to the outfit, they make or break an entire look. Whether it be handbags, sunglasses, statement jewelry, or scarves or wraps, every accessory is just as, if not, more important than the one before it.
For example, with simple outfits, bold jewelry can draw more attention to the simplicity of the look and cause attention to detail. Another example is how sunglasses can make your face appear entirely different than it actually is, considering the fact half of your face is covered. Not happy with your look? The following accessories can really boost the trend factor:

1. Handbags
Being at the forefront of your look, your bag is one of the first things people see. Therefore, a saggy, used bag will not do any good and can turn any look from fabulous to sluggish. Stella McCartney handbags are some of the best accessories, for they are modern, unique, and they hold up their quality for years!

2. Scarves or wraps
Now, scarves are very much a cold weather piece and are the most comfortable, stylish, and timeless ways to keep your neck from facing the unbearable cold. Scarves are able to add simplicity to a bold winter outfit or they can hold all of the color and pattern over a simple all black outfit. Now, wraps are quickly becoming a summer trend, which can be used as a shoulder warmer during breezy days over a sundress or tank top.

3. Belts
From the beginning of fashion to what will be the eventual end, we will never, and I repeat, never get rid of belts. They have stayed so long because of the genuine convenience they offer to people who cannot make their pants stay. Thankfully a belt can be hidden, but some people admire the look of them and will spend more on a designer belt than a bag, taking over as the statement piece in their outfit. For instance a belted long shirt, sweater, or dress can create a pleasing silhouette.

4. Colorful or patterned tights
Tights or hose with crazy prints seem to go in and out of style quite frequently and depending on the season. For instance, a little black dress can be jazzed up with a pair of colorful opaque tights. While a pair of textured tights (think fishnets or lace) can add some glamour to an office look and make it instantly date night ready!

5. Statement jewelry
Adding a chunky bracelet or necklace to a basic black or beige outfit can take that look from blah to interesting. Statement jewelry says a lot about the wearers personality. From stacked bracelet cuffs to large semi precious stones and even artsy mixed metal pieces, jewelry should be a conversation piece. If you’re having trouble finding quality statement pieces of jewelry, look to antique markets, craft sites (i.e., Etsy) and even mall stores, like Kay jewelers for more simple, signature pieces (i.e., watches, lockets, and diamond, or dainty gold or silver studs). Accessories like jewelry are among the most creative ways to make a bold statement.