Beauty Professional Tips for Buying Mascara

Beauty Professional Tips for Buying Mascara

Just like all eyelashes are not identical, so are all mascaras are not the same. You need to find the right formula and wand type to get the desired results. Besides, you must also learn the different application techniques to curl straight lashes, make your eyes look bigger, or balance out uneven lash lengths.

Mascara is perhaps one of the most common beauty tools that are super easy to apply and can give you a makeover instantly. Even those who do not like the idea of using too much makeup favor the mascara. It is very useful for enhancing your eye shape and can make them look much larger by defining your lashes well. Since the market is flooded with different brands and types of mascaras that claim to give a thickening, volumizing or lengthening effect, how can you be sure which one will be right for you? This is where mascara tips from beauty professionals can be of great help!

Beauty professional’s guidelines for choosing the right mascara for yourself
The best mascara tips from beauty professionals will teach you how to review the product on the basis of their formulation and brush type. Both these factors are very important for getting the kind of look you want.

Shape: The brush shape determines exactly where the product hits the lashes.

  • So, you will need a thicker and fuller brush with many bristles if your aim is to get thicker, fuller lashes and add to their volume.
  • The curling mascaras have a curve-shaped wand that lifts the lashes easily. To get more length, you need a wand that is both narrow and straight, looking more like a comb. It is better if there is a lot of space between its bristles because it can then easily separate the lashes and define them.

Formulation: As far as formulation goes, there are also many sub-types:

  • You need a lengthening formula to get extra-long eyelashes. Such products will have fibers that attach themselves to the lashes for a longer look. The formula is such that there can be many layers of mascara without any clumping effect. This type is best suited for someone who has very short eyelashes.
  • A thickening mascara adds more weight and volume These have a denser formula and contain silicone polymers to make lashes appear fuller. When applying a thicker formula, you must do so liberally, but only after wiping the brush with a tissue to ensure there is no extra mascara in between the coats.
  • Curling mascaras contain resins and polymers that can hold curls temporarily. Here, you must apply the product mainly at the roots for it to take the right shape.

Most beauty experts combine the thickening and lengthening mascara types for the best outcome. You must remember to never to share your mascara with anyone as that will be unhygienic. Any used wand will have bacteria in it that can spread all through the tube once it is put back inside. It is advisable to get tester wands at the store to test a mascara before buying and not apply the product using the tube’s wand.