The 5 Biggest Footwear Trends in 2020

The 5 Biggest Footwear Trends in 2020

Shoes can make or break your outfit. If your shoes are visibly worn or outdated, the rest of your look can be instantly downgraded from fresh…to flat! Following fashion trends can help you maintain a stylish and up-to-the-minute look while still centering your personal style. Take a look at what’s coming up this year in fashion footwear so that you can instantly update your wardrobe. Here are the top footwear trends walking the runways in 2020:

1. Platform sneakers
Platform sneakers lengthen the look of your leg without the discomfort or formality of a high heel. Today’s designers call back to the exhilaration of the dance hall– think disco or raver culture– but with a look that skews more sporty than glam. Nike, Puma, and Tory Burch are among the designers producing platform sneakers, but Sketchers sneakers are the leader of the pack with a chunky sole and cute, comfortable uppers that enhance any casual outfit.

2. Knee high boots
One of the themes for 2020 we’re seeing reflected in fashion trends is the idea of “getting things done,” seen most recently in no-nonsense knee high boots. Pairing boots with slim jeans or a skirt is a look that lends a sleek air of authority. Sperry has a long history of both following and leading in the fashion world, and in 2020 Sperry boots include knee length to show off the quality leather’s grain with a medium shine in your choice of natural tones.

3. Leather top siders
Most people are probably more familiar with the famous Sperry Top Sider, a slip-on boat shoe that’s been the core product of the brand since their founding in 1935. Boat shoes and Top Siders have a relaxed, “vacation” vibe, but have classic details that move them out of the sneakers and slides category into something different. When you want a loafer or slip-on, but you don’t want to look tired or sloppy, look for Sperry’s new leather top sider options.

4. Lace up sandals
A little ventilation is ideal as we move into summer, and this year’s best choice is a lace up sandal that veers away from the gladiator trend into a gentler, more delicate lace up with a low or medium heel. Sandals are an evolving trend with a greater variety of styles still prevalent, but designers like Saint Laurent, Jeffrey Campbell, and Vince Camuto are trending towards nude tones with a delicate lace that goes up the ankle.

5. Mary Janes
2020’s Mary Jane shoes are all over the place, and they’re neutral and classic, fun and crazy, or sweet and simple. It’s up to you, and many designers are responding to this trend’s call for unique takes on this classic look. For a more alternative, Riot Girl look, try John Fluevog or Doc Martens, or check out the pretty, femme, block-heeled options from Fendi and Miu Miu. There’s truly something for everyone in this category. A true classic is never left behind!