Best Smartwatches for iPhone Users

Best Smartwatches for iPhone Users

If you’re an iPhone owner and are wanting to own a smartwatch, there are plenty of choices and alternatives in the market for you. There is an entire host of iPhone-compatible smartwatches in the market which have features that Apple devices are yet to include in them. What is more, Wear OS is compatible with iOS and so are Samsung, Gear and Galaxy smartwatches. So, iPhone users end up having plenty of options for smartwatches to choose from. Read on to know the best smartwatches for iPhone users in the country.

Apple Watch Series 5
For iOS users, the near perfect smartwatch for them would be the Apple Watch Series 5. It is perfectly designed to work with iOS and offers a massive range of features, including an always on display and LTE. Sizes are 44mm and 40mm. The watch has a whole host of features including a swim-proof design, a built-in GPS for tracking outdoor workouts, as well as fitness tracking using Apple’s iconic Calorie, Stand, and Move rings. The watch even has an ECG monitor. However, the battery life of 24-48 hours is still a gripe for some. This top brand smartwatch is priced at around $399.

Apple Watch Series 3
Since many users will find the $399 price tag on the Series 5 expensive, the Apple Series 3 is being offered for a lower price of $199.99. The GPS-equipped model comes in a size variant of 38mm, which is the basic one. The bigger 42mm version or the cellular model will be costing more. The Series 3 famously runs on the watchOS 6 software, which means users will get all the latest apps, watch faces, and features for a lower price tag. The watch even has heart rate monitoring, swim tracking, Apple Pay, and 4G/LTE for cellular support.

Amazfit GTS
With a $149 price tag, the Amazfit is a great alternative to Apple watches when it comes to iPhone users. The unashamed Apple watch clone gets a lot of things right with the Amazfit. It has an always on display, just like the Apple Series Watch, along with a fantastic 7-day long battery life. It also has an accurate built-in GPS, heart rate monitor, and a fabulous fitness tracker. What’s more, the sleep monitoring is on point too. It costs around $110.99 on Amazon.

Amazfit GTR
The round-faced Amazfit GTR has a great AMOLED display with a range of vibrant watch faces to choose from. Apart from heart rate monitoring and GPS, the watch has two sizes – 42mm and 47mm – with a stupendous 24-day battery on the larger one. What’s more, it costs just $128.

Fitbit Versa 2
If Wear OS or Samsung watches do not do it for you, then it’s Fitbit to the rescue. Versa 2 has a waterproof design, a built-in GPS, onboard heart rate monitoring, as well as swim tracking as well. If you are a smart wearable user, then you should know that Fitbit Versa 2 adds Alexa to the wrist too. Plus, it has all core smartwatch features as well.