The Best 4K Televisions for Every Budget

The Best 4K Televisions for Every Budget

There are many brands like TCL, Vizio, LG, Samsung in the market that are producing some of the top 4K televisions one can have. Televisions of all types and features can be found on the retailer’s site. All models are 4K Ultra HD resolution, so if you’re looking to buy a 4k television, this article is for you. Here’s a list of the top brand 4K televisions.

TCL 6-Series
This is the most budget-friendly product in the market. The TCL 6-Series brings together advanced technology of quantum dots for bright colors and local dimming for deeper black. It is also equipped with built-in Roku. TCL gives an image quality that you may be expecting from Samsung or LG models. It is supported by Dolby Vision and has a high dynamic range format and vivid colors.

If you want great picture quality on your television screens, this is the perfect model. LG is a company that’s known for its picture quality. The black is completely black as there is no backlight. The C9 also has excellent contrast.

Vizio M-Series Quantum
This is another budget-friendly television. Like TCL it offers quantum dots, color performance, chromecast, and Apple AirPlay. It can play from a laptop, tablet, and phone. The M-Series also supports Google Home speakers and Alexa. The functionality makes it affordable. What’s more, is that the screen looks fantastic, with rows of LED lights that brighten and darken the screen in small pieces for accurate black levels and full array local dimming.

If you want to have a cinematic experience on your television, you should invest in an OLED TV. The B9 is a new option that you might want to check out. It is equipped with striking highlights, deep blacks, and hyper-usable interface. But it has a weak processor and a less stable stand.

TCL 5-Series
Since it has in-built Roku, TCL’s televisions are gaining popularity. The 5-series 4K TV with HDR is a top entry level TV. It does not have a deep level of contrast but the picture quality is commendable. It is better than HD and comes with inbuilt Roku. The 50-inch model is something you might want to invest in.

Some tips to keep in mind
If you’re not looking to buy a television from a specific brand, other than Hisense, Sony, Vizio, TCL, Samsung, or LG, then you will have to do your research well. Look for brands that do not compromise on the latest features and picture quality. Keep in mind that some cheap 4K TVs may offer great deals, but their picture quality may be poor. If your budget does not allow you to buy the latest model, you can check out some of last year’s models that come with bigger discounts.