How Smartphones Benefit the Healthcare System

How Smartphones Benefit the Healthcare System

Today, it seems that smartphones have a hand in everything and the limit of its tasks is endless. With so many companies incorporating mobile technologies into their day-to-day business practices, it seems the healthcare industry has decided not to be left behind. Numerous healthcare providers have been actively integrating mobile apps into their routine practices; using them for almost everything from disease management and monitoring information to research and clinical reference. Many healthcare providers have even started out developing “apps” unique to their exercise which also promotes patient engagement. a number of the methods smartphone technology are being utilized by caregivers include the following.

Electronic Records of Patient History
The primary improvement that came out of the very thought of integrating the healthcare industry with smartphone technology is the fact that it is now possible to organize and segment patient history in the form of records in which healthcare practitioners and multi-specialty hospitals can maintain at all times. Whenever the patient or the service provider needs to access patient history it can be done so with smartphones. It can also keep track of appointments and make gentle reminders. This ensures the presence of a digital record, saves time and is easy to use and access.

Clinical Referencing
The broad implications of clinical referencing is two-fold. Firstly, it forms a platform for doctors via smartphones to engage in a discussion when they require a second opinion or need to consult another specialist to figure out the best way to treat their patients. Doctors may also need it to conduct a sample survey to get reviews and feedback on how certain medications work. Secondly, these platforms can also be used by patients who want to clear up any queries they might have regarding their symptoms, medication and unforeseen allergic reaction. If these can be treated at home, these platforms can become very convenient for patients who might have difficulty in having to move physically to visit a doctor. This is how smartphones benefit people’s health.

Disease Management
Disease management apps may be one of the most crucial forms of software used to enhance patient participation and the quality of healthcare. Such apps allow patients to quickly track their individual progress and identify their needs, without waiting for their next visit to the hospital. This is another way how smartphones benefit the health of people. In fact, some apps will connect the patient to electronic health records from his/her healthcare provider enabling them to address new and chronic conditions in real-time. Apps for disease management include Medisafe, Pain Diary, Zocdoc, Fooducate, My Medical Info, and Sleep Cycle. Most of these disease management apps are made for patients dealing with chronic illness but can also be used for other diseases.

Social Networking
Patients are also using smartphones to communicate and share encounters with other patients via social media platforms. At the moment, many healthcare providers are urging patients to use social media to communicate with each other and share services and interactions. These include discussing symptoms, medication, treatment, experiences, recommending practitioners and hospitals.